Qigong and t’aichi are two ancient internal arts from China, practiced today by millions
of people around
the world. 

These gentle exercises promote better balance, coordination, and bone and joint health.  T’ai Chi has also been called meditation in motion and may be the best mind-body integrator on the planet!


•Qigong,  ZOOM TUESDAY 9:15 - 9:45

•Qigong/multi-level t’aichi IN PERSON classes WEDNESDAYS 12-1
421 5th Ave. near the corner of eighth Street, Brooklyn

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But don’t let your finances stopyou from practicing with us. Sliding scale is available if you’re struggling to make ends meet.  Indeed, qigong and t’aichi can be a very useful tools to help with centering, de-stressing...

Finally, we ask that you pre-register and pay for class before each class you decide to take. Venmo, PayPal and Zelle are all accepted. You will then be given the ZOOM link

And don’t hesitate to contact the instructor for any other information you may need! We look forward to meeting you!

About Us

Laoshi Susan is certified to teach qigong and t'ai chi by the New York School of T'ai Chi Chu’an, Inc.

Susan has been practicing t’aichi chu’an and qigong for more than thirty years. Beginning in the mid 80’s she studied the Yang form at one of the few schools of its kind, Brooklyn Women’s Martial Arts,  as well as qigong and t’aichi sword form.  Since then, Susan has studied intensively with two other teachers, learning the Chen form of t’aichi and numerous qigong sequences — all of which she brings to bear on her unique classes, making for a richness and depth you will not find at too many other places! 

These days, many of Susan’s students are studying qigong exclusively by Zoom.  We focus mainly on four sequences — from the well known eight pieces of brocade,  to lesser known sequences but also many independent moves gathered from diverse sources  — from Prospect Park to Havana!  T’ai chi can be learned in person, on Wednesdays.  

If you choose to study t’aichi,  some of the background. The Yang form of t’ai chi ch’uan (which you would be learning) was developed by Cheng Man Ch’ing, a native of China, who carefully pared the traditional and longer form down to a a concise sequence of thirty seven flowing and interconnected moves. Taking about ten minutes to complete, they teach us the principles of yin and yang -- hard and soft. The stability of the stance, the slowness of the movements  — in t’ai chi slower is definitely better —  in which the rhythm of breathing is integrated, gradually helps the practitioner develop a surprising amount of flexibility, strength and balance.

These days Susan is focusing on the applications of qigong and t’aichi for health and recovery.   Many studies conducted over the last decade have revealed that t’aichi is hands down the best form of exercise for increasing balance and stability, and by extension, preventing falls.  Both t’aichi and qigong have been shown to help people with a wide range of other issues — including back pain, high blood pressure,  depression… It has been credited for being able to lessen symptoms for people with MS and Parkinson’s.

Some of Susan’s students have found that, indeed,  qigong can be a source of great relief.  

Sue, an elderly student, had the rude shock of breaking her pelvis after a fall and for the first time, needed a walker to get around. T’ai chi requires the ability to slowly shift one’s weight from one foot to the other -- not easy for someone still gripping the handle of a walker -- so they focused mostly on qigong and some on t’ai chi walking. Sue had this to say,

“Working with Susan and enjoying her company and her ready wit during our sessions has been a great pleasure. Even more important is that as a dedicated walker, I find that my balance and my confidence on my feet have improved immeasurably. I look forward to continuing the work with her.”

Sue F

Other reviews:

As someone with an injured back and limited mobility (in my 40s!), t’aichi has helped enormously. I was hesitant at first, but Susan has made it all very easy and enjoyable and is very knowledgeable (and patient). It's been a pleasure and I'm looking forward to continuing classes for a long time.

Linda R

Susan is a gifted t’ai chi teacher. She has studied for many years and is patient and informative in her instruction. She breaks moves down in simple ways and has a gentle style.  The class is very centering and relaxing. 

Madeline B