In this time of the Coronavirus, we hope you are managing and staying healthy. Our studio classes have of course needed to stop. But, as far as on-line instruction and practice, we’re offering a way to practice t’ai chi and Qi gong on line.

Qi gong is offered Tuesdays mornings 9 am

Qi gong Thursday mornings 11 am

T’ai chi follows at 11:30 ( to take t’ai chi it is recommended to loosen up through qi gong, so you’ll have an hour combining qi gong with t’ai chi, starting at 11)

payment can be made via payPal $10 for a 1/2 hour qi gong class

$20 when adding the t’ai chi — so Thursday morning’s qi gong and t’ai chi will cost $20

But don’t let your finances stop you from practicing with us. sliding scale is available if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Qi gong can be a very useful”tool” to help with centering, de-stressing...

finally, we ask that you pre-register for class by contacting the instructor.You will then be given the ZOOM link

And don’t hesitate to contact the the instructor for any other information you may need! We look forward to meeting you!

Tuesdays (zoom) at 9 a.m. - 9:30  
(recommended - $10, payable via payPal)

Thursdays (zoom) at 11:00 - 12:00 pm
(mix of qi gong and t’ai chi.   Join us for qi gong or stay for t’ai chi!)   (recommended - $20,  payable via payPal)

classes at Spoke the Hub are on hold until further notice  

What: Qi Gong and t’ai chi are two very old Chinese programs of postures
and movement that are now practiced by millions of people around the world.
These gentle exercises promote better balance, coordination, and bone and joint health.
T’ai Chi has also been called meditation in motion and may be the best mind-body
integrator on the planet!

If you're re just beginning, contact instructor to sign up for a class.

See Schedule for full details



1st class is $10

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